My name is Phylicia Maxwell...

but my friends and family know me as “Phylly, Felicia, Phe, Phe-Phe, and Phenny. Although I am one of twelve children, my highest accolade is being God's child! As a mighty woman of God I seek to get closer to my divine purpose here on Earth. My true desire is to have God say “job well done my child.”


At just 31 years old, I'm am a Program Coordinator for Urban League of Broward County. Outside of my 9-5, I am notoriously known as a Communication Coach, specializing in relationships, family, and individuals. I have endured so much in my short time here on Earth and have turned all the lessons into learning opportunities for all the people I encounter. 


Additional highlights that I am in the mist of completing are my Doctorate in Social Work Leadership and my first book!

My motto: What’s for you will never miss you! So count the process ALL Joy!

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